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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Explore the Wilderness with Alaska Cruises

The most underrated vacations are Alaska cruises: when people are planning their family getaways, Alaska rarely comes to mind as the optimal travel destination. Those who haven’t been to this beautiful state have the common misconception that it is a frigid, desolate wasteland…but in fact, Alaska has some of the most beautiful scenery and lush landscapes in the world!

Size on Your Side
The fact that Alaska is not part of the continental United States means it’s difficult to get a feel for how massive the state is just by glancing at a map. Alaska is in fact more than twice the size of Texas, and 425 times the size of Rhode Island. If one were to superimpose Alaska over the lower 48 states of the continental United States, it would extend to reach BOTH the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.
All this size makes Alaska the least-explored state of The United States’ fifty, and that’s mostly inland. The sheer mass of the state is also evidenced by the fact that it sports over 6,600 miles of coast – you could take multiple Alaska cruises and still never see the entire coast. 

Not Just Tons of Tundra

Alaska cruises can give you the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful coastline in the world. Most people are surprised to hear it, but Alaska boasts some of the richest plant and animal life of any other state in the United States.
From your Alaska cruises, you may see Kodiak bears or the ptarmigan, the Alaska state bird. In no other state can you see the ptarmigan. In the waters beneath your cruise ship swim many species of sea life; almost all of the herring, halibut, crab and salmon consumed in the United States comes from Alaska. 

If your Alaska cruise can take you to the Fairbanks area during the winter months, you may witness something few people can ever claim to have witnessed: the impressive atmospheric phenomenon Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. In this amazing event, the black sky canvas appears to be painted with glistening brush-strokes of vibrant color, dotted with bright twinkling stars. 

Alaska cruises can give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and a truly memorable family vacation. The mild weather, breath-taking landscape, and rich wildlife all combine to yield a truly amazing spectacle of nature…and an extraordinary getaway. For your next vacation, consider all of the wonder you can behold on Alaska cruises.

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