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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Experience What You Read in Travel Narratives on Mediterranean Cruises

Many people who travel around the world decide to write about it. The experiences of Mark Twain and Bill Bryson fuel the imaginations of a newer generation of travelers that long for adventure and eagerly read every word and pore over every description. If the time has come to stop traveling vicariously and actually get out there to see the world, Mediterranean cruises are one of the best ways for the newly minted traveler to explore.

If you've ever read a Bill Bryson book, you've probably felt it: the envy and yearning that comes with reading about fantastic places that you have seen pictures of and heard about for most of your life but haven't gotten to experience firsthand. Aside from Bryson's wicked sense of humor, the settings of his travels are often one of the most important parts of his storytelling. Turning green isn't the answer. If you are itching to take a trip so you can tell your own anecdotes and write your own narrative, Mediterranean cruises are for you.

Mediterranean cruises afford you the opportunity to see many different locations on one trip without the hassle of making individual hotel arrangements or deciding where to eat every day and night. You can relax on the cruise ship on the way to and from your destinations and then hop off the boat to see the sights and enjoy the best of what the area has to offer. Some of the most famous and historic sites line the Mediterranean Sea: The Parthenon and the Pantheon await classical history buffs; the pyramids are the only original wonder of the world left; Spain has Gibraltar, and France and Italy have a legendary Riviera.

If you haven't visited many places yet, Mediterranean cruises are a great way to start traveling. Follow Twain's footsteps around the Mediterranean and write your own version of The Innocents Abroad. Maybe the next travelogue that people read with yearning will be yours.   

What to Bring Aboard Your Norwegian Cruise Line

Going on a cruise is certainly exciting, but packing can be a headache. There's a lot to consider when stuffing your luggage full of "necessities." If you find yourself wondering what you will and won't need aboard your Norwegian cruise line, here are a few helpful tips that are sure to make your life easier and your vacation more enjoyable.

The first thing to remember is to pack light, but pack smart.  Consider the weather. You surely will pack differently if you're going to the Caribbean compared to an Alaskan cruise. So, of course, you want to pack for the season. In the summer, bring shorts, tee shirts, and flip flops to enjoy the nice weather during the day. If the climate is colder, be sure to pack sweaters or sweatshirts.

You should check if your cruise has a dress code. Some cruises may be more casual while others could be more formal. Usually, you can dress casually during the day and then change into something formal for the evenings.

You will need some formal wear for dinner and other evening activities. For men, some dining areas may only allow a suit and tie. Cruise ships usually provide tuxedo rentals onboard, so you won't have to worry about packing one. For women, be sure to bring a nice evening dress and don't forget a pair of elegant shoes.
For daily activities, pack a swimsuit so you can enjoy the ship's swimming pools. However, be sure to have some sort of cover up when not on the swimming deck. Pack comfortable shoes so you can participate in the plethora of on-board activities from shuffle board to racquetball. Don't forget most cruise ships have gyms where you can work out. So bring shoes and work out gear if you would like to take advantage of those facilities.

Aside from clothes you'll need important documents, electronics and toiletries. Here is a list of things that you should bring.

-    Tickets and booking confirmations
-    Personal documents (passports, IDs)
-    Insurance cards
-    Prescriptions and a list of all medicines you are taking.
-    Credit cards, cash, debit cards and a wallet
-    Plug adaptors or converter (some ships may have different electric outlets)
-    Cell phone and charger
-    Camera or video camera with extra memory cards and spare batteries.
-    CD or MP3 player with headphones
-    Sun screen
-    Toiletries (soap, shampoo, face wash, deodorant)
-    Antibacterial hand cleaner
-    Sunglasses and/or hats
-    Books to read, maps or visitors books
-    Computer

This is simply a guide on what to bring on your Norwegian cruise line. In the end, you'll probably have to make some pretty tough decisions on what outfits you want to wear or how much money you should bring. But be sure to get your packing done early so you won't be rushed during the last minute and forget something important. You'll want to start your cruise vacation on the right foot.